All kinds.

I write and edit texts of all sorts, and I will work with you to discover what you are trying to say and how to make your ideas clear, concise, and strong. My clients are people who need to convey ideas and information to clients, employees, customers, and communities. I’ve worked in online media and in print, collaborating on concise, space-constrained copy as well as grants, proposals, papers, articles, and books.


Workshops, training, coaching

I create workshops and give presentations that introduce design thinking and the innovation process to organizations. I lead 1-day simulations from ExperiencePoint and 8- to 12-week projects using the Sprintbase platform. Please visit the Innovationshipwebsite for more information on design thinking engagements.


From 1980 to 1987, I worked as a drafter (pencil and CAD) throughout Silicon Valley.

From 1987 to 2009, I worked at IDEO (first called David Kelley Design). I had a number of roles, from CAD jockey to IT manager to corporate writer and editor to workshop facilitator.

From 2009 till now, I’ve worked for myself, offering design thinking training and various writing services.

In 2012, I cofoundedInnovationship with two partners, and we offer a range of innovation training and consultation. Please visit our website for more information.