OurGlass of Cockington

Here's another short film on craft and passion, OurGlass of Cockington, marvelously filmed by Danny Cooke (who did the short on David Smith, ornamental glass blower, I'd blogged earlier).

OurGlass of Cockington are a trio of glassblowers, a practice that demands quick work and complete concentration. Cooke captures the beautiful details of their art, from the intense fires to the molten glass to the hands of the artists, which are always in motion, spinning, swinging, cutting, and more. There's a wonderful choreography, as they seem to work instinctively and silently together. 

I also enjoyed the soundtrack by Tony Higgins, and the village of Cockington in Torquay looks worth a visit. 

One thought on “OurGlass of Cockington

  1. Steve Flynn says:

    Last year we saw an amazing exhibit of blown glass works by Stephen Rolf Powell, at the Hunter Museum in Chattanooga.
    The pieces were magnificent. If the exhibit travels to the Bay Area you should attend.

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