Our Friend the Crow

We had a remarkable half-hour with a crow today.

I was set up as usual on our back deck, where I work on my computer and watch the back yard for birds and beasts. This curious crow showed up on the slat roof and poked its head through to see what we were doing. Then it hopped down on the table and started exploring. It was more interested in playing tug o’ war with whatever it picked up than in stealing it. It didn’t seem to mind being gently shooed off things, and Susan petted its back a few times. It flew up on my shoulder and bit my ear, then landed on my lap and tugged at my hand.

It seemed to be particularly interested in my copy of Sibley’s and once it got to the hawk page it started pecking at it.

This is almost certainly the same crow who visited our friend a couple days ago. She lives about a five-minute walk away and is also commonly in her back yard all day. It exhibited the same playful manner and jumped on her back while she was digging in her garden.

After about 15 minutes the novelty wore off and it was more like having a toddler around. We tried dropping hints like stretching and yawning or saying, “I have so much work to do,” but it pretended not to notice.

The Front

We bought 3000 pounds of golden quartzite and hired a landscape guy to install them.

The view from the front door. Susan planted creeping thyme, which we hope will fill the gaps in the stones.
We bought too many stones, so we had him lay the stones in the verge as well.

The Garage

We’ve created a pantry/office.

This is the view walking in the door. I’m keeping music gear and other sundries. It’s messy, it’s a pantry.
Turn to the right and you’re in the office.

Lakland 34 bass

Lakland Skyline Hollowbody-34 bass

2014 serial number


34″ scale

Fretless with fret lines

Bartolini pickups, Hipshot tuners (original equipment)

Bass Player magazine review

Elks I seen

Just a few unspectacular shots.

One Roosevelt elk resting beneath the tree in the center; we completely missed him until we passed and happened to turn around.
Fern Canyon, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, California
More Roosevelts, just outside Prairie Creek Redwoods
Rocky Mountain elk in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Xmas at the shed

Yesterday I hung some outdoor lights in front of the shed. I took a picture and shared it with a friend, saying “So Christmas.”

He swiftly sent this picture back to me:

Beatles songbook

Found in a giveaway box a few doors down. So groovy.

Shed in progress 4: So close!

Today was D-Day: I put on the door.

It rained unexpectedly yesterday. Fortunately I had finished the roof, but I couldn’t attach the door until I’d finished the trim. It’s still not quite done, because I may need to make some changes to attach a gutter. Other things on the punch list: chicken wire on each side above the roof to keep the critters out, spray foam and silicone sealing, security bolts on the door hinges, lights on the outside, etc.

The view from the landing, with an attractive roll of Tyvek for visual interest.
The view from the rose bushes.
The view from inside the door. The far wall has a 5° slope at the top and 1.5° at the bottom, but the window is level. To the right is the window of my office.
This exterior wall had two all-weather AC outlets that are now inside the shed. The overhead lights are plugged into an extension cord.
Looking back at the door. The roof is made from transparent corrugated panels. No light comes through from above except through the cracks between the boards, but it helps me to see debris or critters.

Shed in progress 3

After a delay for a summer session of statistics (say it thrice) I’ve made soem progress on the shed. I built a wall and then dismantled it, reusing the wood on the other wall. Changes:

• Door moved from the north wall to the front wall. Many advantages: north wall has 1° slope, required double doors, and has a huge drop-off, requiring a deck. Now a single 3′ door can open into a space next to the stairwell, out of the way.

• Two windows, 10″ x 30″.

• 20′ wall is now two 10′ walls — way too awkward to work around and move as one big wall.

North side showing two windows
South side, door and sloping wall
The south wall, 7° at bottom, 5° at top. Diagonal needed to hold its shape while I worked on it on the flat floor.